Using the Command Palatte to execute Commands

The Command Palette is the Search Box at the top of the Markdown Monster window, accessible by ctrl-shift-p. It's a Search and Execute input mechanism, that allows you to search for most operations you can perform in Markdown Monster via quick lookup search.

Markdown Monster already has lots of shortcuts for many of the common operations available and if you know and remember them they are often a quicker way to access specific operations.

Some shortcuts are easy to remember like ctrl-b for bold, ctrl-i for italic, but other key combos are not so obvious. You may not know or remember ctrl-shift-b to toggle the sidebar's visibility for example. For those scenarios you can use the Command Palette and look up the operation by it's more descriptive name that you might better remember than the shortcut.

Access with Ctrl-Shift-P

The Search box shortcut is the commonly used ctrl-shift-p shortcut used by other editors. The shortcut jumps you directly to the search box and sets focus to it so you can just start typing and search for applicable commands.

Command Search is Context Sensitive

Commands listed in a search are context sensitive, meaning that some commands may depend on things like an active selection, an open document, or that the document is a Markdown document for example. Commands that are not applicable do not show up in the list.

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