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This topic tree describes the Westwind.WebView.Wpf namespace.

  BaseJavaScriptInterop Helper class that simplifies calling JavaScript functions in a WebView document. Helps with formatting calls using ExecuteScriptAsync() and properly formatting/encoding parameters. Recommend that you subclass this object for your application and then implement wrapper methods around each interop call you make into the JavaScript document Operations are applied to the `BaseInvocationTarget` which is the base object that operations are run
  WebViewHandler Generic WebViewHandler implementation that uses the BaseJavaScriptInterop object. Use this version if you don't need to customize Interop
  WebViewHandler This class is a wrapper around the WebView control to make it easier to use inside of a WPF application. To use it in your WPF app, create a property of the WebViewHandler type and initialize it in your Window CTOR after InitializeComponent passing in the WebBrowser control and
  WebViewUtilities Installation and environment helpers for the WebView2 control

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