Interface IRenderExtension

Interface implemented for RenderExtensions that allow modification of the inbound Markdown before rendering or outbound HTML after rendering as well as any custom code that needs to be injected into the document header prior to rendering.

Use the RenderExtensionsManager.Current.RenderExtensions.Add() to add any custom extensions you create. Typically you do this in the Addin.OnApplicationStart() method.

public abstract interface IRenderExtension

Interface Members



Fired after the document has been rendered to a complete HTML document using a Preview Template. Input HTML contains the final full HTML document.

Note this is not fired if using just raw Markdown rendering

public void AfterDocumentRendered(ModifyHtmlArguments args)


Fired after Markdown has been converted to HTML and allows you to modify the rendered HTML fragment generated by the markdown. Note that this method can only change the rendered Markdown html, not the entire document.

You can change the passed in Html reference to make a change to the document.

public void AfterMarkdownRendered(ModifyHtmlAndHeadersArguments args)


Method that is fired on the inbound pass before the document is rendered and that allows you to modify the markdown before it is sent out for rendering.

Markdown text is in Linefeeds only (\n) mode.

public void BeforeMarkdownRendered(ModifyMarkdownArguments args)


Namespace: MarkdownMonster.RenderExtensions
Assembly: markdownmonster.exe

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