Namespace MarkdownMonster.AddIns

This topic tree describes the MarkdownMonster.AddIns namespace.

  AddinItem Detail about an individual external add in that is listed in the Addin Manager
  AddinManager This class manages loading of addins and raising various application events passed to all addins that they can respond to
  AddInMenuItem Information about an Addin's menu item that is displayed on the Addin toolbar and the button displayed on the Addins installed menu.
  BaseAddinConfiguration Base class that can be used for holding configuration values that are persisted between execution. Create a class that inherits from this base class and use the `Current` property to access the active instance You can save configuration to a json file by setting `ConfigurationFilename` and calling the `.Write()` method at any point.
  MarkdownMonsterAddin Addin Base class that exposes core functionality to the addin.
  IMarkdownMonsterAddin Marker interface only - subclass from MarkdownMonsterAddin base class

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