Using the Chromium Preview Browser Addin

Markdown Monster by default uses an Internet Explorer based Web browser control to preview the generated Markdown output in the Preview pane/window. While this control works just fine for most content the previewer generates, some advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript features may not work with the IE control.

Some examples of things that don't work or don't work well:

  • Mermaid Charts
  • MathML/NoNoML Math Equations
  • Embedded Github Gists
  • Many script based embedded HTML components

The Chromium Preview Browser Addin

To provide temporary relief for this feature disparity, we're providing a built-in Chromium Previewer Addin that replaces the stock Internet Explorer based preview with a Chromium based Previewer.

You can toggle the browser used via a Toolbool button:

You can toggle the Addin to use either the old IE browser (default) or the Chromium based preview. Once selected the browser choice persists across Markdown Monster launches.

You can distinguish between IE and Chromium browsers based on the scroll bar used - the Chromium addin uses thin always-on toolbar while IE uses the stock wide IE scrollbar that auto-hides when not accessed.


The Chromium Browser used is based on the Microsoft Edge Chromium Web Browser which unfortunately has a few dependencies that may have to be installed in order to use it in the application.

WebView2 Browser Runtime

The WebView2 control we use requires a large runtime installation. We don't ship this in the box as it would increase the deployment size significantly. If you try to toggle the Chromium Previewer Addin and the runtime is not installed you'll be prompted to download and install it from here:

and install the Evergreen Bootstrapper. This tool will download the appropriate browser runtime and then prompt you to install. Once installed you can then use the Chromium Previewer Addin.

Memory Usage

Due to the use of Chromium which is a memory hog, using the Chromium WebView addin will increase memory usage considerably. Tyopically you'll see memory usage increase by 200-300mb or in a separate MsEdgeWebView2.exe process.

Do you need to use the Addin

Using this addin is totally optional and in fact recommended only if you have problems with rendering content using the default Web browser control. Because the default control uses less memory and renders most content just fine there's little reason to incur the overhead of the Chromium control unless there are features like Mermaid or other script driven page rendering customizations that don't work in Internet Explorer.

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