Editor Extension Mapping

Markdown Monster supports a number of different editor syntax formats, and you can edit documents in any of these formats. Many default file formats like - .js, .html, .css, .ts, .cs, .json,.config etc. - are supported out of the box.

Adding Custom Extensions

The extensions are mapped in the EditorExtensionMappings settings inside of the configuration file at:

%appdata%\Markdown Monster\MarkdownMonster.json

Editor extensions are stored as key value pairs with the extension as the key, and the editor format as the value:

To access this file use Tools -> Settings -> Edit Json -> EditorExtensionMappings. To add a custom extension, simply add another key and value:

  "EditorExtensionMappings": {
    "myext": "markdown",
    "md": "markdown",
    "markdown": "markdown",
    "mdcrypt": "markdown",

which specifies I want files with a .myext extension mapped to edit with markdown syntax in the editor.

The format or value in the map above refers to an ACE editor syntax found in the editor\scripts\Ace\mode-*.js folder. Any of the modes listed there can be mapped to a custom extension.

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