Markdown Options

Determines whether URLs are automatically turned into links. true


Determines whether common abbreviations are expanded. false


Strips Yaml FrontMatter from any Markdown content. true


Interprets common emoji and smiley characters like :smile: or :-) and turns it into Emoji. true


Provides features like Github Check lists and nested lists: true


Allows for figure referencing in a location other than the current location. true


Allows for Github checkable task lists by using [ ] and [x].


Converts common typographic characters to proper typographic publishing settings. Quotes to curly quotes dashes to em dashes etc. Use for print publishing of literature - leave off for technical content. false


Support for Mermaid markup. Note the MM preview doesn't support Mermaid, but the renderer produces it and you can preview in the external browser.


Renders all links with a target="_blank" to force links to be externally opened in a new tab/window. Useful in some documentation scenarios where you don't want to lose your place in the document. false


By default script tags are stripped from Markdown content. Set to true if you need to explicitly run scripts as part of your markdown for things like embedded Gists for example. false


This is the name of the Markdown Parser used. MM ships with MarkDig which is the default parser, but addins can add additional parsers which are selectable from the dropdown on the status bar. Markdown


Allows attaching generic HTML attributes to the active 'element'. Example: { class='error-message' id="MyHeader"} using explicit attributes or using CSS Selector style syntax { .error-message #MyHeader }. The attributes are appended to the generated HTML element on the same line (ie. header, list item, paragraph etc.). more info


Allows wrapping a Markdown element or element group with a container element. Using a block like :::note and ::: to denote a block will generate a <div class="note"></div> around the Markdown block it surrounds.


If set parses several common DocFx 'commands' like file inclusion, link expansion and a few others.


Allows you to explicitly specify MarkDig extensions to load. MM loads a default set, but you can modify this list which allows you to add custom extensions. emphasisextras,pipetables,gridtables,footers,footnotes,citations,attributes

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