Editor Settings


The name of the font to use in the editor. The font used has to be a monospaced font like Consolas (default), Courier New, Lucidia Console or installed monospace fonts like Fira Code, Haskell etc. Using proportional fonts likw Segoe UI, Arial, etc. doesn't work and will cause cursor offset issues. You can also use monospace which will default to the default monospace font (usually Courier New) for Internet Explorer. For more info please the Font Support topic.


Font size in pixels and the default size is 18.


Determines how new lines are handled by the editor for copy and paste operations and any new text that is entered. Valid values: Lf and CrLf. Unix style Lf is the default.


The Zoom level is a percentage value (100 is 100%, 50 is 50%) that is a multiplier on the font size. This value is dynamically updated from ctrl-scrollwheel or ctrl-+ and ctrl-_ operations. This is mostly for internal use, but you can set it to 100 to clear the zoom level.


The line height determines the amount of space including white space that that a single line of text takes up. Sizing is in relative units and the default value 1.35.


You can sepecify the padding for the editor's editing surface. This value is a fixed pixel value and cannot be specified as a percentage. If MaxWidth it will override the Padding value once the width exceeds the MaxWidth


You can specify a max width for the editor content to keep content from spreading over the whole width of the editing area when using very wide screens. MaxWidth can be used to provide a managable edit 'column width' and provide extra wide space for a pleasant, distraction free experience. A maxwidth:1000 setting can also be applied to the DistractionFreeModeHideOptions.


Determines whether Markdown bullet auto-completion is enabled. This behavior automatically creates new bullets on enter. Default is false as the behavior can be annoying when using short lists and automatically generating an extra bullet on the last item that needs to be deleted.


Determines whether the active line in the editor is highlighted. Highlight color is relatively subtle in most themes so this is recommended.


Determines whether text in the editor wraps - almost certainly you'll want to leave this flag at true.


Toggles the spellchecking feature in the editor. This flag is also triggered by the checkmark icon on the Window control box.


Determines whether script tags are rendered into the HTML as is (as raw HTML script) or are encoded and stripped for security. Set to true if you want to embed script tags explicitly (like Gist Snippets or other Widgets for example).


The number of spaces added by pressing the Tab key.


Determines whether text wrapping is enabled. Set with the default of Alt-Z shortcut and on View menu.


Optional margin at which text is wrapped. Default is 0 which means it wraps at the document's natural width. If you specify a value the editor wraps at that column.

Note this setting may cause extra whitespace on the right side of the editor. If MaxWidth is set and the wrap margin is smaller the content will not be centered any more.


Shows a print margin marker line on the right side of the document at the given margin. This can be useful in some cases to see how wide text is at a given location.


Configures a numeric margin value where the print margin in ShowPrintMargin is displayed.


The dictionary used. By default the US English one is used by de-DE, fr-FR and es-ES are also shipped. You can add any other OpenOffice compatible dictionaries using aff and dic files and reference them here by copying them into the Editors folder. More info.


Allows you to set keyboard themes. Supported values are: * default * vim * emacs


Determines how long the preview highlight is highlighted in the Previewer. In milliseconds. Set the value to 0 to always leave it highlighted. The highlight is triggered whenever the preview refreshes which is upon clicking, when the document changes, or when you navigate with the arrow keys (note: Vim and Emacs navigation keys do not trigger preview updates)

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