Use Projects to remember Documents and Folders

You can save a set of open documents and the active folder browser into a Project File. Once saved, you can re-open that project and restore the same documents and folder browser to restore the previously saved environment.

A Project File hold the following information that is restore on loading:

  • All Open Documents
  • Individual Document Scroll Positions
  • Folder Browser Selected Folder

When you open a project file the current layout is discarded and all open windows are closed. If there are pending changes, you will be prompted to save them. After all tabs have been closed the Project's documents are opened and the folder browser is set to the folder saved in the project file.

Loading and Saving Projects

Project operations are accessible via the Main Menu. Use the File -> Project menu for Project related operations to load, save and close projects.

Once a project is open you can use Save Project to re-save the current project. Otherwise you can use Save As to create a new saved project.


Projects are not automatically saved unless you explicitly save them using either the Save or Save As operations.

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