Open Document in New Window and Drag & Drop between Instances

When you have an instance of Markdown Monster open you can use the editor's context menu - either from the editor or the editor's tab - to open the current document in a new window:

When you do this a new instance of Markdown Monster is started and the current document is opened in the new window. The document in the old instance is closed - if there are pending changes you are prompted to first save those changes.

Drag and Drop between Markdown Monster Instances

Once you have multiple instances of Markdown Monster open, you can drag and drop documents from one instance into another by dragging the document tab into the other instance.

Dragged Source Document not Closed

Unlike Open in New Window, when you drag and drop the old instance is not closed, so the document will be open in both places. Although Markdown Monster can detect changes made in other instances and refresh it's recommended you close the old instance manually.

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