Save Encrypted Documents

Markdown Monster supports saving documents using encryption that protects files from prying eyes. When you save a document it's encrypted with a password of your choice and can then only be opened again by using that same password.

Files are encrypted using two-way TripeDES Encryption.

Encrypting a File

To encrypt a file:

  • Open and edit your file as usual
  • Use File -> Save As Encrypted File
  • Pick a filename to save to
  • Enter a password to encrypt the file with

Once a file has been saved with encryption you have to use Markdown Monster to re-open it. Markdown Monster embeds a marker into the document that identifies the document as a encrypted document and then automatically prompts for a password when re-opened.

Decrypting a File

To decrypt a file:

  • Open the encrypted file
  • Enter the password previously used to save the file


Once you encode a file with a password you have to use Markdown Monster to decode that file and open it again.

Also be sure to remember your password: You won't be able to open it if you forget the password. So please make sure you remember or properly store your password (hopefully in a password manager).

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