Font Support - Monospaced Fonts Only

Markdown Monster is essentially a text editor and so supports only fixed width, monospaced fonts.

On Windows the most common monospaced font is Consolas which is also the default font that is set in Markdown Monster.

You can change the font, font-size and line height in the Markdown Monster settings via Tools->Settings:

    "Editor": {
        "Font": "Consolas",
        "FontSize": 17,
        "LineHeight": 1.3

The font-size is in pixels and the line-height determines the spacing between lines. The larger the line-height the more space there is between lines of text.

Don't use Proportional Fonts

Note that while you can set a non-monospace font, this will cause the editor to not properly track the cursor rendering the editor nearly unusable. Markdown Monster doesn't support that scenario, so please make sure you choose a monospace font.

Some Nice Installable Monospace Fonts

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