Use Favorites to link Frequently Used Files and Folders

Using Favorites you can add any kind of file (not just Markdown Files) or folders to the Favorites list.

I have a lot of notes and lists that I keep in Markdown files and one of the biggest annoyances has been to keep track of these often used files. Even with Markdown Monster's configurable and optionally very long recent files list, many of my frequently used files that I really want to track keep dropping off these lists.

Favorites address this issue nicely by allowing me to keep my often reused files linked in one place along with an easy way to add favorites and organize them into groups via drag and drop.

Favorites in Markdown Monster

Markdown Monster includes a Favorites as part of the UI. Here's what this Favorites Panel looks like:

The easiest way to get Favorites into the list is by dragging an open document tag into the book marks panel. Just drop it under a folder or into an existing list of files or folders and it'll get added there.

You can access the favorites panel either from the toolbar button or from the Recent Files Menu dropdown which is accessible from multiple places:

You can add Favorites from the Tab Context menu of the active tab:

or from the folder browser:

Lists, Lists Everywhere there're Lists

If you're anything like me you probably manage a number of lists:

  • Various ToDo lists
  • Meeting notes
  • Phone log notes
  • Blog posts or post/article ideas
  • Client project notes and credentials
  • etc.

Most of these types of files I use constantly, but even though they are frequently used, they often fall of Markdown Monster's Recently Used list. Having a single place to go to to find files I frequently use makes it much more likely for me to use Markdown keeping track of things especially like Meeting notes or client errata that I need.

Another related useful feature of Markdown Monster is its ability to create encrypted files that are password protected. This allows me to store sensitive information like logon credentials in Markdown files securely. This feature is available from the File -> Save As Encrypted File menu option and writes out the file in an encrypted format that is password protected.

To open the file again you have to provide a password.

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