Customizing Editor Styling CSS

Markdown Monster uses ACE Editor for its editor, which is an HTML based editor implementation. There are a few things that can be customized in the editor including things like the cursor formatting, search box formatting and some basic text input features.

You can take a look at editor.css in the Editor folder of the installation to see some of the customizations that MM does to the stock editor.

If you want to customize any of these settings, you should override them by creating a new file called editor-user.css. This file is a user file that won't be overwritten by Markdown Monster updates unlike changes that are made directly in editor.css.

Example: Change Cursor Width

For example to change the cursor width in the editor:

Create a new file Editors\editor-user.css.

Then add any custom styling in this CSS file. For the cursor width:

.ace_cursor { 
    border-left: 4px solid !important;

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