Addin Configuration Class

Configuration is a key component to most applications and a Markdown Monster addin is not exception. Markdown Monster provides an easy way to create a custom configuration for your Addin.

The Markdown Monster Visual Studio Project Template automatically creates a configuration class for you. You can add properties to this class that act as configuration values that can be easily persisted and restored in a JSON configuration file.

The Configuration Class

This class can contain any properties including nested objects for complex configuration setups. Each of the properties - including nested ones - are persisted and read from the backing JSON file.

A Configuration class looks something like this:

public class KavaDocsConfiguration : 
    public KavaDocsConfiguration()
        // specify the name of the file
        // created in the MM common settings folder
        ConfigurationFilename = "KavaDocsAddin.json";
    public string LastProjectFile { get; set; }
    public bool OpenLastProject { get; set; }
    public string LastImageFolder { get; set; }
    public int StatusMessageTimeout { get; set; } = 6000;

You can use this class to add properties that can be persisted easily into a JSON configuration file.

Accessing the Configuration Setting via Singleton

By default this configuration class will be in <addinName>Configuration.cs. To access this class simply use:

// Automatically initialized and reads values on first access
var config = SampleAddinConfigration.Current;

SampleAddinConfigration.Current.MySetting = MySetting
var setting = SampleAddinConfigration.Current.MySetting;

Accessing the configuration object automatically loads any stored property settings from the configuration file.

Persist Configuration Settings to File

You can also save settings back to the configuration file:


Persisted values are automatically read the next time the configuration class is initialized.

You can also explicitly re-read values with:


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