Reset Markdown Monster Settings to Default

If for some reason Markdown Monster gets out of whack and you have problems starting the application or you have other issues that might be caused by a corrupt configuration, you can reset Markdown Monster to its install settings.

You can do this by running:

mm reset

from a Windows Command prompt or powershell after you have shut down Markdown Monster.

What it does

The reset operation deletes the old %appdata\Markdown Monster\markdownmonster.json configuration file, resets all the settings to default and then writes out a new configuration file.

Markdown Monster also creates a backup file of your old configuration for reference with a -reset-xx-xx-xxxx.json extension.

Reset also removes the Addins folder in the same location which effectively removes all addins that were installed.

Specific Addin Settings are not removed

Markdown Monster does not remove addin configuration settings which are typically stored in the same %appdata%\Markdown Monster\ folder, so when you reinstall addins any settings for those addins are still available. If you want to reset addin settings rename or delete the addin specific .json files.

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