Embedding Links

You can embed links into document content in two ways:

  • Use Markdown Syntax
  • Use the Link Dialog

Using Markdown

To embed links into a topic you can either use the markdown syntax like this:

[Go to the Support Web Site](https://support.west-wind.com)

or for local links:

[Download Page](./product/download.html)

The Paste Link Dialog

Alternately, you can use the Link Dialog by clicking on the on the toolbar.

The Paste Link dialog lets you interactively create a link to paste into your content. Here's what the dialog looks like:

For the Link you can either type in or paste a URL or use the file selection button pick a local file resource to link. Any local file resources will be linked as relative if possible.

Automatic URLs from Clipboard

If you have a URL on the clipboard when the dialog is first opened, the URL is automatically placed into the Link field.

If you navigate off the form and copy a URL to your clipboard then return to the form, if the Link field is still empty it is then automatically filled from the Clipboard URL.

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