Embedding Links

You can embed links into document content in two ways:

  • Use Markdown Syntax
  • Use HTML Syntax
  • Use the Link Dialog

Using Markdown

To embed links into a topic you can either use the markdown syntax like this:

[Go to the Support Web Site](https://support.west-wind.com)

or for local links:

[Download Page](./product/download.html)

HTML Syntax

Markdown also supports HTML so you can also use raw HTML text to embed links. This is useful if you require target links or need to add alignment styling.

<a href="./product/download.html" target="_top">Download Page</a>

Alternately, you can use the Link Dialog by clicking on the on the toolbar.

The Paste Link dialog lets you interactively create a link to paste into your content. Here's what the dialog looks like:

For the Link you can either type in or paste a URL or use the file selection button pick a local file resource to link. Any local file resources will be linked as relative if possible.

Automatic URLs from Clipboard

If you have a URL on the clipboard when the dialog is first opened, the URL is automatically placed into the Link field.

If you navigate off the form and copy a URL to your clipboard then return to the form, if the Link field is still empty it is then automatically filled from the Clipboard URL.

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