Adding Custom Fields to a Weblog Post

The Weblog Publishing addin supports custom fields when publishing posts to MetaWeblog API and WordPress blogs, using the CustomFields extensions to these two APIs.

You can edit CustomFields as part of the Weblog Post Form which includes a section to add a key name and value for any custom fields you want to send to the server.

Use the icon to add a new Custom Field to the list and icon to remove the selected custom field from the list.

You can edit the custom field entries in the list. Changes are saved when you Post to Weblog or Save Metadata.

CustomField Meta Data

CustomFields data is stored as part of the Meta Data associated with a post, which is created when you either Post to Weblog or Save Metadata. This adds the meta data YAML to the beginning of the post:

title: IIS and ASP.NET Core Rewrite Rules for Static Files and Html 5 Routing
abstract: If...
keywords: Static Content, Html 5 Routes, IIS Rewrite, Angular, Kestrel, IIS, ASP.NET
categories: ASP.NET Core, IIS
weblogName: West Wind Web Log
postId: 220994
    key: mt_publishon
    value: 05/10/2017 08:00
    key: mt_location
    value: Hood River, OR

customFields Yaml Format: Object Collection

Note that the customFields structure is a bit more complex than just a key value pair, as there is an additional Id field that might have to be stored as part of a post. The customFields key is followed by a list of keys with an object that has key, value and id fields.

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