Blank Screen On Startup

We have found some instances where Markdown Monster will start with a blank main screen when first loaded:

The application is running and responsive, but the screen does not render properly. Dragging the window to another screen often can bring back the properly rendered window.

The issue is caused by a combination of video drivers and certain monitor combinations. We've specifically isolated the following drivers:

  • nVidia Quadro (most versions)

Workaround: Turn off Hardware Assisted Rendering

The issue itself is caused by the DirectX rendering used by WPF and the workaround is to turn off hardware assisted video rendering.

In Markdown Monster you can disable hardware rendering as follows:

  • Go to Tools -> Settings
  • Set the DisableHardwareAcceleration to true
"DisableHardwareAcceleration": true

This is a hack that disables offloading of video rendering to the CPU and doesn't rely on the specific video card hardware and driver.

This fixes the blank startup screen in most instances.

For more info on this issue see the original bug report and resolution:

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