Markdown Monster includes a inline spellchecker that highlights misspelled text as you type.

Misspelled text underlines with a red, dotted line and you can right-click on the misspelled text to bring up a list of selections. Pick one of the items on the list or click the close button or simply move out of the selection dialog to close it.

Adding Words to the Dictionary

If you find mispelled words that aren't in the dictionary, but are words that shouldn't be flagged you can add to the dictionary. Once added the word added will no longer be shown as misspelled.

Dictionary extensions are stored in your AppData folder:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\West Wind Markdown Monster

as en_US_custom.txt or whatever the base dictionary is.


Markdown Monster uses hunspell for spell checking and so can use standard Open Office dictionaries. Out of the box, Markdown Monster comes with the following dictionaries:

  • en_US
  • de_DE
  • fr_FR
  • es_ES

You can download additional dictionaries if needed.

Installing a Custom Dictionary

If you want to add dictionaries for other languages, or specific locales (like en_GB or fr_CA) you can download and install custom dictionaries that are in the standard Open Office (4.0 preferably) format. Open Office also uses hunspell and so Open Office dictionaries are compatible.

You can find dictionaries on the Open Office Extensions Site:

Here are a few direct links for some common specific libraries:

Using Open Office Dictionary Extensions in Markdown Monster

Open Office Extensions often come as .oxt (Open Office Extension) files, which are really just Zip files. You can rename the extension to .zip, open the archive and extract the .dic and .aff files out of it and copy to your %LocalAppData%\Markdown Monster\Editor folder.

Finally, set the EditorDictionary in the Markdown Monster Settings (Tools -> Settings) to the dictionary file name without the extension:

"EditorDictionary": "EN_GB"

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