File and Folder Navigation via Tab Menu

The Tab context menu and also the Tools menu provides a number of useful options for working in the active document's folder and accessing the theme and configuration folders.

Here's what the tab context menu looks like:

And here's what the Tools Menu looks like:

Here's what all the options do:

Open Folder

Opens the active document's folder in Windows Explorer. This makes it easy to see and edit related documents like images or make changes to filenames etc.

Open Terminal

Opens a Windows Command Prompt in the active document's folder. This can be useful if you need to do a Git Commit on documentation files or a blog post hosted through Git for example.

Commit and Push To Git

Click this menu option to commit the active document to Git and then push it to the configured Git origin. Assumes that Git is available globally (git.exe) and that the Git is already configured for the document's containing folder.

Open Configuration Folder

This opens the Markdown Monster global configuration folder where you find configuration files for Markdown Monster and most addins. The main configuration is MarkdownMonster.json which contains the same configuration setting you can set with the Settings menu option. You also have access to WeblogAddin.json, and ScreenCaptureAddin.json their respective configuration settings. Third party addins also tend to store their JSON configuration files in this folder.

Open Preview Themes Folder

This opens the Preview Themes folder, where preview themes are defined. Preview themes consist of a folder that has a Theme.html and Theme.css files.

To create a new theme simply copy one of the existing themes and modify the files - most likely only the theme.css file. Any new folders you create will show up in the Preview Theme list next time you restart Markdown Monster.


This opens the MarkdownMonsterSettings.json file in Markdown Monster. You can make changes to this document and the changes are applied as soon as you save the document.

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