Editor Shortcut Keys and Selection Gestures

Markdown Monster's editor is based on ACE Editor and inherits the core editing features from this awesome HTML based editor. ACE provides the basic editor behavior you'd expect for a full featured text editor, and Markdown Monster adds a few additional application specific keyboard shortcuts on top of that base behavior.

ACE Editor Keys

You can find a list of core ACE editor features here:

Markdown Monster Application Shortcuts

Markdown Monster adds a number of additional hotkeys to access common functionality more easily. You can discover most of these hotkeys on the menus, or on the tooltips of the toolbar.

Preview Browser Operations
Ctrl-Shift Refresh the preview browser immediately if active
Ctrl-Shift up/down Scroll the preview browser
Alt-V-P Toggle the preview browser
Alt-V-B Preview html in external browser
File and Export Operations
Ctrl-N Create new untitled document
Ctrl-O Open a document from disk
Ctrl-S Save active document
Ctrl-Shift-S Save active document with new name
Markdown Conversion
Ctrl-Shift-C Copy selected Markdown text as HTML to Clipboard
Ctrl-Shift-V Paste HTML from Clipboard as Markdown text
Ctrl-Shift-Z Remove Markdown Formatting
Editor Operations
Ctrl-B Bold selected text
Ctrl-I Italicize selected text
Ctrl-L Create List from multiple lines of text
Ctrl-Q Quote selected text
Ctrl-K Insert or create link from selected text (dialog)
Ctrl-Shift-K Insert or create link inline (text only)
Ctrl-J Insert Emojii from Picker
Alt-C Format selected text as code block
Ctrl-` Format selected text as inline code
Alt-X Show Extended Markdown Operations Dropdown Menu
Ctrl-F Find in document
F3 Find Next
Ctrl-Shift-F Find in Files
F7 Next Spellcheck Error
Shift-F7 Previous Spellcheck Error
Alt-V-W Toggle Word Wrap
Alt-V-N Toggle Line Numbers
Alt-V-B Toggle the Preview Browser
Text Selection and Navigation
Ctrl-Shift-Arrow Select word left and right
Ctrl-Shift-Home/End Select to beginning or end of line
Ctrl-Shift-D Duplicate selection and paste after
Alt-Drag up and down Block Selection across multiple line
Ctrl-Alt-Up/Down Create multiple cursors for simultaneous input
Editor Admin
Ctrl-, Brings up Ace Editor Settings menu

Multi Select Text

ACE support multi-selection of text by using Ctrl-Select. Hold down the Ctrl key make a selection then let up. With the selection still active press Ctrl again and select another area of text. Both selections are now active. Repeat for additional selections.

With multiple selections active you can now type and change text in all selected areas.

Block Selections (multi-line)

You can also select vertical blocks in Ace Editor. To use Block Selection hold down the Ctrl key and drag a rectangle to make a selection of the text in the rectangle area.

With the selection active, when you type the text on each row is changed.

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