Import Markdown as HTML

You can import Markdown from HTML from the clipboard or export Markdown as HTML to the clipboard

Importing HTML as Markdown

You can capture HTML on the clipboard as:

  • Plain HTML text
  • Rich HTML text

To import Markdown stored on the clipboard:

  • Select your Markdown document
  • Move the cursor to where you want to import the HTML
  • Note this can be an empty document to fill the entire doc
  • Use the Edit Menu options
  • Use Paste HTML as Markdown option or ctrl-shift-v

Exporting HTML from Markdown

You can also take a selection of your Markdown document (or the entire document) and export it as HTML to the clipboard.

To do this:

  • Select some text in your document or the entire document
  • Goto to the Edit | Copy Markdown as HTML menu choice

Move to another application and paste the HTML.

Note that this option exports only the HTML text, not related images.

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