Screen Capture Addin

The Screen Capture Addin allows you to capture screen shots and directly embed them into your markdown document.

Currently the Addin only works with the popular and vey awesome SnagIt Screen Capture Utility from Techsmith. If you are doing screen captures on a regular basis, it provides tons of options for capturing and marking up of images in a very smooth workflow. Highly recommended and well worth the price.

Currently we only provide SnagIt support, but in the future we'll provide a basic capture tool that works without any special software installation.

Using the Addin

The addin is accessed via the toolbar and the icon on the toolbar. If SnagIt is not installed the option is disabled. If it is installed you can click the camera icon to start capturing images or use the drop down link to bring up the configuration form:

SnagIt offers a number of different capture options. The most useful is the All in One feature which lets you capture windows, objects or free form rectangular selections. Other options include windows, menus, scrolling windows, totally freeform shapes and even printer output.

The options are pretty self explanatory.

Click Save or Capture depending on whether you have the preview or configuration option and go.

SnagIt Editor Preview

If you have the Show Preview Window option enabled the captured image is shown in the SnagIt Editor. In the editor you can crop and modify the image, add annotations, shadows, perspective and otherwise apply effects and features to the image.

Here is an example of an image that is marked up with annotations:

When done click the Finish or Cancel button to embed or abort the captured image.

Image Embedding

Images are embedded as standard Markdown images in the format of:

using relative paths to the image if the path can be expressed as a right side relative path. Otherwise the full path is used.

You can edit the embedded markdown as necessary to add a title or modify the path.

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