Addin Lifecycle Event Handlers

When you create a Markdown Monster add-in you effectively have access to all of Markdown Monster's feature set. Not all the functionality is easily accessible, but a number of common features are surfaced on the MarkdownMonsterAddin base class that your Addin is inheriting from.

  • Add-in Events
  • Add-in Common Feature Methods

LifeTime Events

  • OnApplicationStart()
  • OnApplicationInitialized()
  • OnWindowLoaded()
  • OnApplicationShutdown()

Installation Events

  • OnInstalled()
  • OnUninstalled()

In addition to the main Execute events, the add-in exposes a number of document related events that you can intercept as well:

  • OnBeforeOpenDocument()
  • OnAfterOpenDocument()
  • OnBeforeSaveDocument()
  • OnAfterSaveDocument()
  • OnSaveImage()
  • OnNotifyAddin()
  • OnEditorCommand()
  • OnDocumentActivated()

Previewer Handling

  • OnModifyPreviewHtml()
  • OnPreviewLinkNavigation()

You can override these events to hook the specific operations you are interested in.

For example if you want to add custom logic when a document is saved you can do something like this:

public override bool OnBeforeSaveDocument(MarkdownDocument doc)
    string file = doc.Filename;
    string text = doc.CurrentText;
    bool isValid = true;
    // ...
    // do something with the document
    // You can use 'Model' to access Window, Configuration, Editor etc.
    // ...
    return isValid;

You can simply override the relevant methods and look at the active document.

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