Creating Markdown Monster Addins with .NET

One of Markdown Monsters main features is its extensibility. There are many Markdown Editors out there but Markdown Monster provides the ability to extend the existing functionality by allowing you to plug into the main application via Addins.

Using an Addin you can:

  • Retrieve and set the active document text
  • Insert text at the active selection
  • Move to and replace selections
  • Set document attributes like themes in editor and preview
  • Use a custom Markdown Parser
  • Hook into document life cycle events (load, save, updated etc.)
  • Add menu and toolbar items
  • Create entirely new features and hook into the sidebars
    (similar to the folder browser, bookmarks, or favorites list)
  • and much more...

This section describes how to create add-ins and documents a couple of the built in add-ins.

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