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version 0.44 rc2 - August 24th, 2016

Markdown Monster

Extensible Markdown Editing and Weblog Publishing for Windows

Syntax colored Markdown
Live Preview
Inline Spell Checking
Easy image and link embedding
Screen Captures (with SnagIt)
Gentle Toolbar support
HTML to Markdown Conversion
Editor and Preview Themes
Weblog Post Publishing
.NET based Add-ins
created by:
West Wind Technologies

Easy and Extensible Markdown Editing

Markdown is everywhere these days, and many of us are using Markdown for all sorts of different purposes. Wouldn't it be nice if you have an editor that can keep up with all of those scenarios?

Markdown Monster provides the editing features you'd expect of a Markdown editor: You get a responsive text editor that's got you covered with Markdown syntax highlighting, so it it's easy to navigate your Markdown text, an optional collapsible live preview, so you can see what your output looks like, in-line spellchecking and a handful of optimized menu options that help you embed and link content into your markdown. You can easily markup code snippets using many common syntax formats which is also reflected in the preview.

But we also wanted to build an editor that can be extended to meet the needs of those that are using Markdown in interesting ways to share information. Whether it's for writing blog content in Markdown or providing a custom front end to an online application that receives Markdown content via a REST API. The main reason for Markdown Monster is that it can be extended while accessing the entire Markdown document and UI which allow you to extend Markdown Monster with your custom functionality. Want to add a custom image capture? Embed images from a photo service? You can do that easily. Want to publish your Markdown output to your Weblog? You can do that (and we provide an addin for just that with the base installation). Using Markdown Monster's add-in interface you you can integrate and access the editor to inject markdown text, control the UI or bring up an entirely separate interface (using .NET and WPF) to access the current document and interact with it. The sky's the limit. Find out more about creating an addin with .NET.

The released version ships with a couple of useful addins that provide embeddable screen captures using the popular SnagIt tool from Techsmith, and a Weblog publishing interface that lets you publish your Markdown content to Wordpress or MetaWebLogApi based blog engines.

Easy Markdown Editing
Syntax colored Markdown text
Live Preview while you type
Inline spell checking
Gentle Toolbar support
Easy image and link embedding
Screen Captures with SnagIt
Html to Markdown Conversion
Many Editor Themes
Easily customizable Preview Themes
Weblog Publishing
Html Editing with Live Preview
Extensible with .NET Add-ins
Get it

You can simply download and install Markdown Monster from our Web site. Unzip the distribution file and run the installer.

Alternately you can also install Markdown Monster using the Chocolatey NuGet installer:

c:\> choco install MarkdownMonster

  • Windows Vista or newer, 2008 or newer
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or later