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Markdown Monster

Markdown Editing and Weblog Publishing on Windows

Syntax colored Markdown
Live HTML preview
Inline spell checking
Embed images, links and emoji
Two-way Table Editor
Paste images from Clipboard
Capture & embed screen shots
Save to Html and Pdf
Weblog publishing and editing
HTML to Markdown conversion
Editor and preview themes
Git Integration
Projects and Favorites
Document Outline
Template text expansion
.NET scripting & addins
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West Wind Technologies

Better Markdown Editing for Windows

Markdown Monster is a powerful yet easy to use Markdown editor optimized for Markdown content creation. It has a capable syntax highlighting editor, synced live preview, inline spell-checking and many out of your way helpers that facilitate embedding of images, links, code, tables, emojis and more.

Organize your content with support for Projects, Favorites, a File and Folder browser to let you organize and edit external content, built-in Git support, and a Document Outline that lets you see your content at a glance. You can open external editors, terminals, image tools all in the context of the active documents you are working on, for quick, optional access at your fingertips.

Create output and save it to raw or formatted and packaged HTML, create PDF documents, push HTML output to the clipboard, or publish your content to common online Weblog service providers like WordPress, Medium and many others.

There are many, many more thoughtful features that help you get your content creation job done more efficiently.

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Extensible via .NET

We also wanted to make sure the editor is highly extensible, so you can add custom features of your own. Markdown Monster includes an addin model that makes it easy to build extensions that let you hook into the UI, the editor behavior and the publishing process. We also provide useful Scripting and Text Templating addins that let you automate many tasks without creating an addin. Find out more about creating an addin with .NET.

What our Users say

We work hard at building an editor that you love to use, and that provides you with the features you need. Your feedback matters and we'd love to hear your suggestions and see you get involved.

But don't take our word for it - here is what some of our users are saying about Markdown Monster:

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Markdown Editor

  • Syntax highlighted Markdown editing
  • Live and synced HTML preview
  • Gentle, optional toolbar support for Markdown newbies
  • Inline spell checking
  • Line and Word counts
  • Synced Document Outline
  • Distraction free mode


  • Scroll synced preview window
  • Optional external previewer for multi-screen
  • External Browser preview
  • Presentation mode support
  • Distraction-free mode support
  • Document Navigation from embedded Markdown Links

Image Features

  • Paste images from Clipboard
  • Select and embed images from disk or URL
  • Drag images from Folder Browser
  • Drag images from Explorer
  • Edit images in your image editor of choice
  • Built-in screen capture
  • Automatic image compression on pasted images

Editing Features

  • Easy link embedding from clipboard or disk
  • Embed code snippets w/ highlighted syntax coloring
  • Two-way table editor: Interactively create & edit tables
  • Text Snippet Expansion with C# Code
  • Embed Emojii
  • Smart, unobtrusive toolbar and shortcut key helpers
  • Snippet expansion from text templates
  • Many Editor customization options

Output and Selections

  • Save rendered output to raw or packaged HTML
  • Save rendered output to PDF
  • Copy Markdown selection as HTML
  • Paste HTML text as Markdown
  • Open rendered output in your favorite Web browser
  • Print rendered output to the printer or PDF driver
  • Generate and embed document Table of Contents

Theme Support

  • Dark and Light application themes
  • Customizable Editor Themes
  • Customizable Preview Themes
  • Customizable output syntax coloring themes
  • Use HTML and CSS to customize Preview and Editor Themes

File Operations

  • Editor remembers open documents by default (optional)
  • Auto-Save and Auto-Backup support
  • Many file common file operations on each file
  • Show in viewers
  • Edit in appropriate editors
  • Commit to Git
  • Compress images
  • Save files with encryption
  • Drag and drop documents from Explorer and Folder Browser
  • Open a Terminal, Explorer or Git Client

Organization and File Access

  • Integrated File and Folder browser
  • Group files into Projects
  • Add files and folders into Favorites
  • Drag and Drop files everywhere

Git Integration

  • Show Git Status in Folder Browser
  • Commit and push Dialog
  • Commit and push active file, folder browser file
  • Commit and push all pending changes
  • Compare changes in configured Git Diff client
  • Undo Changes
  • Add Ignored Files
  • Clone Repository
  • Open in Git Client

Weblog Publishing

  • Create or edit Weblog posts using Markdown
  • Publish your Markdown directly to your blog
  • Re-publish posts at any time
  • Post data stored as YAML metadata in Markdown
  • Send custom meta data with posts
  • Supports MetaWebLog, Wordpress and Medium (limited)
  • Supports document based blogs (Jekyll, Wyam, Ghost etc.)
  • Download and edit existing posts
  • Very fast publish and download process
  • Support for multiple blogs
  • Dropbox and OneDrive shared post storage

Non Markdown Features

  • HTML file editing with live preview
  • Many other file formats can also be edited:
    JSON, XML, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, CSharp, FoxPro etc.
  • Optional shared configuration on Cloud drives
  • High DPI Monitor Aware
Get it

You can simply download and install Markdown Monster from our Web site.

Alternately you can also install Markdown Monster using the Chocolatey installer:

c:\> choco install markdownmonster

or use the portable, non-admin installer:

c:\> choco install markdownmonster.portable

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  • Windows 7 or newer, 2008 R2 or newer
  • .NET Framework 4.62 or later
    (check or download)
  • Internet Explorer 11