Namespace MarkdownMonster.RenderExtensions

This topic tree describes the MarkdownMonster.RenderExtensions namespace.

  DocFxRenderExtension Renders a handful of DocFx Markdown extensions in the previewer or for output generation.
  MathRenderExtension Handle MathText and MathML in the document using $$ for block operations and $ for inline Math expressions
  MermaidRenderExtension Handles Mermaid charts based on one of two sytnax: * Converts ```mermaid syntax into div syntax * Adds the mermaid script from CDN
  RenderExtensionsManager Manages any render extensions for the HTML
  RightToLeftRenderExtension This is the base Markdown Monster Render extension to handle miscellaneous cleanups
  IRenderExtension implemented for RenderExtensions that allow modification of the inbound Markdown before rendering or outbound HTML after rendering as well as any custom code that needs to be injected into the document header prior to rendering. Use the `RenderExtensionsManager.Current.RenderExtensions.Add()` to add any custom extensions you create. Typically you do this in the `Addin.OnApplicationStart()` method.

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