Markdown Monster

The Markdown Editor for Windows

Markdown Monster

Syntax colored Markdown
Live, synched Html preview
Inline spell checking
Embed images, links and code
Paste images from clipboard
AI Image Generation
Sophisticated table editor
Save to Html and PDF
Weblog publishing and editing
Html to Markdown conversion
Editor and preview themes
Git Integration
Document outline
Capture & embed screen shots
Template text expansion
.NET scripting & addins
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West Wind Technologies

Better Markdown Editing for Windows

Markdown Monster is a powerful, yet easy to use, dedicated Markdown editor with syntax highlighting and sophisticated and fast edit features. A collapsible, synced, live preview lets you see your output as you type and scroll. Easily embed or paste images, links, tables and code using raw markup or our smart UI helpers to simplify many operations with a few keystrokes or a click or two. Paste images from the clipboard or drag and drop from Explorer or our built-in file browser. Inline spell-checking and word counts keep your content streamlined.

You can export Markdown to PDF or HTML on disk or copy Markdown selections as HTML to the clipboard. The HTML preview can display syntax colored code snippets for most coding languages.

Choose from light or dark app themes and individually selectable and customizable preview and editor themes. Use the built-in folder browser to open, manage and drag files into content, the document outline to quickly jump through your open document, or the shell integration to shell out to Explorer, Terminal, Image Editor, Diff tool or your favorite Git client. Git support is also built-in to see local Git status and to commit to and update your repositories.

Everything is at your finger tips, but out of your way until you need it. .

Weblog Publishing

Markdown Monster can also publish your Markdown directly to your Weblog Service. If your blog supports WordPress, MetaWeblog, Jekyll or Medium, you can publish your documents with one click. You can also edit and republish, or download existing posts and even convert existing posts from HTML to Markdown.

Extensible via .NET

We also wanted to make sure the editor is highly extensible, so you can add custom features of your own. Markdown Monster includes an addin model that makes it easy to build extensions that let you hook into the UI, the editor behavior, markdown rendering and the publishing process. We also provide useful Scripting and Text Templating addins that let you automate many tasks without creating an addin. Find out more about creating an addin with .NET.

What our Users say

We work hard at building an editor that you love to use, and that provides you with the features you need. Your feedback matters and we'd love to hear your suggestions and see you get involved.

But don't take our word for it - here is what some of our users are saying about Markdown Monster:

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Easy and fast Markdown editing
Syntax colored Markdown text
Live Preview while you type
Inline spell checking
Easy image and link embedding
Paste images from Clipboard
Gentle toolbar support
File and Folder Browser
Favorites Manager
Document Outline
Git Integration
Built in screen capture
Two-way Table Editor
Import Html to Markdown
Export Markdown to Html
Dark and Light UI Themes
Customizable Preview Themes
High DPI Support
Weblog Publishing and Editing
Yaml Meta Data Support
Snippet Expansion Templates
Swappable Markdown Parsers
Extensible with .NET Add-ins
Get it

You can simply download and install Markdown Monster from our Web site.

Alternately you can also install Markdown Monster using the Chocolatey installer:

c:\> choco install markdownmonster

or use the portable, non-admin installer:

c:\> choco install markdownmonster.portable

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  • Windows 11 or Windows 10
  • Windows 2016 or newer