Namespace MarkdownMonster.Utilities

This topic tree describes the MarkdownMonster.Utilities namespace.

  AppKeyBinding Holds a specific key binding combination
  AssociatedIcons Helper class that allows retrieving of associated icons for given file types. This class caches files by extensions and returns an image source or a default image source for unknown files.
  FileSaver Reusable functions to save various files to disk with prompts and save UI operations.
  GitHelper Helps with a number of Git Operations
  KeyBindingsManager that maps Key Bindings to Commands or a JavaScript handler in Ace Editor to a KeyBindings handler function with the same name as the command (in camelCase - OpenDocument-> openDocument() To use: * Subclass from this class * Add keybindings in ctor() and map to Commands/JavaScript handlers * Instantiate * call SetKeyBindings() to attach bindings for control * (optional) call SaveKeyBindings() to save to disk * (optional) call
  MarkdownMonsterKeybindings to manage application key bindings. Either set a Command/Command parameter for a binding and/or add HasJavaScript = true to force JavaScript processing To use: * Add keybindings in ctor() * Instantiate * call SetKeyBindings() * (optional) call SaveKeyBindings() to save to disk * (optional) call LoadKeyBindings() to load from disk

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