Editing Huge Documents

When editing very large documents - especially those that include a large number of code snippets - you may find that the Markdown editor starts to stutter significantly while trying to refresh the previewer.

This can affect typing when you stop briefly, and also scrolling and navigating the document with keyboard keys and result in brief lock-ups as the previewer is attempting to refresh updated content.

For normal sized documents up to a few hundred kbytes, this process is very fast and practically unnoticed, but once documents reach a certain size, the preview loading takes so much time that it effects the rest of the editor.

Workaround - Toggle the Preview

The simplest thing you can do if you run into this problem is to turn off the Preview Pane. Turning off the previewer while you're typing lets you edit your document at full speed without any slow downs.

You can selectively toggle the Previewer on and off (using F12 or clicking the globe in the right title bar control box) to preview the document when you need to see what the content looks like rendered to HTML then hide the previewer again to continue typing.

We're looking into it

We realize this isn't ideal and we're looking into alternatives for the future. Unfortunately other alternatives have other problems (slow and buggy) but we're still reviewing options.

Then again, documents so large that they actually cause this problem tend to be very rare and it's unlikely you're going to hit this particular problem with typical content.

Break up your Content

Note: When talking about huge documents we're talking of documents that are larger than 500k and include hundreds of code snippets.

We don't recommend creating massively large single documents like this, but rather to break up your content into logically related documents along with a Table of Contents to consolidate multiple documents into a more manageable documentation solution.

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