Open Files from the Command Line

When you install Markdown Monster the installation folder is added to your current User path. To start Markdown Monster from the command line you can do:


or simply:


Multiple Files

Markdown Monster can also open multiple files by passing multiple filename parameters to the application:


Opening Folders

You can also open a folder in the FolderBrowser by specifying a folder name from the command line:

mm .
mm .\dev\MyPoject

You can combine both opening a file and folder in the FolderBrowser like this:

mm .
mm c:\temp c:\temp\

Path Support

Markdown Monster automatically figures out the current path and opens files referenced with relative paths as well as full paths.

All of the following work:

mm .\docs\
mm ..\
mm c:\docs\

Other File Formats Supported

Markdown Monster also supports a ton of other file formats with Syntax Highlighting including:

csharp, html, css, javascript, typescript, xml, config, powershell, foxpro, yaml, dockerfile and many more.

For a complete list check the EditorExtensionMappings key in Tools -> Settings.

Additional Command Line Options

There are a number of additional Command Line Operations available that let you configure Markdown Monster. Please see the Command Line Operations topic for details.

See also

Command Line Operations

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