WordPress and MetaWeblog API Weblogs

WordPress and MetaWeblogAPI are the default supported formats. These are the most common formats supported by third party Weblog engines as it's a simple API that provides easy posting of content.

Custom Fields sent

Markdown Monster posts a few custom fields to these blog types that you might find useful in custom integrations.

Custom values are sent via the customFields array which is part of the post message structure.


The mt_markdown custom field is set with the original Markdown text to the server in addition to the html formatted body.

This is useful to allow you to upload a post, and then later retrieve the original post as markdown exactly as it was created.

Note that the Markdown will be exactly the same as your local markdown, which means any image resources are left at local relative URLs. The assumption is that when you download the markdown you download it into a folder that has the original structure and assets available.


This value is set with a normalized Web URL to the first image in the post. For Wordpress this value will be an image ID that points at the relevant image resource.

Sending Arbitrary Custom Fields

You can also send any custom fields of your choosing to the server by explicitly adding custom fields to the meta data attached at the end of a post. The meta data contains information Markdown Monster uses to remember your last post setting for a post.

Custom Fields is an optional section inside of the meta data and looks like this (at the end):

title: IIS and ASP.NET Core Rewrite Rules for Static Files and Html 5 Routing
abstract: If...
keywords: Static Content, Html 5 Routes, IIS Rewrite
categories: ASP.NET Core, IIS
weblogName: West Wind Web Log
postId: 220994
    key: mt_publishon
    value: 05/10/2017 08:00
    key: mt_location
    value: Hood River, OR

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