Weblog Publishing Configuration Format

The Weblog Publishing feature is configured in the WeblogAddin.json configuration file in the AppData folder. You can just manually edit the file.

The easiest way to edit configuration settings is to:

  • Goto Tools | Open Configuration Folder
  • Open WeblogAddin.json in an Editor (or Markdown Monster)
  • Make changes to the file

The file looks something like this:

  "LastWeblogAccessed": "Rick Strahl's Weblog",
  "PostsFolder": "C:\\Users\\rick\\DropBox\\Markdown Monster Weblog Posts",
  "RenderLinksOpenExternal": true,
  "ReplacePostImagesWithOnlineUrls": false,
  "Weblogs": {
    "8kdu4ju8": {
      "Id": "8kdu4ju8",
      "Name": "Rick Strahl's Weblog",
      "Username": "rick",
      "Password": "/Du14i3ok8k1b1a4=*~~*",
      "ApiUrl": "https://weblog.west-wind.com/metaweblog.ashx",
      "BlogId": "1",
      "Type": "MetaWeblogApi",
      "PreviewUrl": "https://weblog.west-wind.com/showpost.aspx?id={0}"
    "3uqgqcrh": {

Values should be pretty self explanatory. The main configuration point is the default PostsFolder which determines where new posts are created by default.

RenderLinksOpenExternal determines whether links are automatically rendered as external links with target="top".

ReplacePostImagesWithOnlineUrls determines how links are embedded:

  • Inline
  • As Reference Links

Reference links embed link Ids inline with a related image reference at the end of the document. Personally I find this reference linking very annoying as images easily break when you move them, but this has been a heavily requested feature, perhaps because a few places like StackOverflow use it.

Individual Web sites are configured in the list below, but it's easier to do this through the user interface, and you have to use that in order to hash the password properly anyway.

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