Working with the HTML Preview

Markdown Monster's Preview Pane lets you check out what your markdown text will look like when it's rendered to HTML.

The editor has a few special commands that affect the way the preview pane is handled:

  • Preview Toggling
  • Preview Refresh
  • Preview Scrolling

Preview Toggling

Markdown Monster's editor supports previewing of Markdown and HTML content as rendered HTML. The preview window can be toggled in several ways:

  • Preview Toggle in the top Window menu next to the close box
  • On the View | Html Preview Menu option
  • Using the Alt-V-P shortcut

Any of these options will toggle the Preview Pane on and off if you are editing a Markdown, HTML or untitled (New) documents.

Markdown Monster supports editing a variety of text file formats, but on HTML and Markdown documents present the Preview Pane - for all others toggling has no effect and there is no preview pane.

Preview Refresh

In order to keep the editor responsive while typing the preview window is updated whenever you stop typing for 1 second. This makes for optimal typing speed while still giving a reasonably real time text update for your Preview form.

You can also explicitly force the preview to refresh by Saving (ctrl-s) the current document, or by explicitly pressing the refresh key combo of Ctrl-Shift.

Preview Scroll Sync

The preview scroll position can also be optionally synced with the editor and vice versa. There are 4 options for syncing:

  • EditorToPreview
  • PreviewToEditor
  • EditorAndPreview
  • None

The setting can be configured in Settings with the PreviewSyncMode property or by using the rightmost statusbar icon dropdown:

Preview Scrolling

You can also scroll the Preview Window while in the editor using a couple of key board shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-Shift-Up scrolls the Preview up
  • Ctrl-Shift-Down scrolls the Preview down

These keys make it easy to quickly shift the Preview pane to the content you are working on without taking your hands off the keyboard.

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