Custom Publish Format includes Markdown Text

The Weblog publishing pushes standard WordPress and MetaWeblog API requests to the server. However in addition to the standard data it also pushes the actual Markdown text to the server. This allows you to capture on the server, so you can later download it again for editing.


When posting to the server Markdown Monster passes:

  • The custom_fields array
  • Sets the mt_markdown entry

Note that this is not a standard, but Markdown Monster sends this value regardless of whether your server understands it or not - it'll just be ignored if the server doesn't know what to do with it.

If you have a custom server implementation you can read the mt_markdown text on the server and save it as part of your post. This allows you to render your HTML from the Markdown or perform further processing on the text.

Retrieving Posts

If you have a custom server and can control the MetaWebLog/Wordpress API implementation, you can also send the Markdown back to Markdown Monster by setting the custom_fields array and the mt_markdown value which allows for effect two-way editing of the content once downloaded from the server.

Markdown Monster will check for the custom_fields::mt_markdown field when retrieving posts from the server when using the Download Blog Post feature. If present, the Markdown document from mt_markdown is used rather than the HTML in the body.

If this field is not present downloaded blog posts are parsed from HTML into Markdown which might not provide 100% accuracy due to the markdown conversion.

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